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Key Factors and Success Indicators

CQL has always been at the forefront of defining quality in services and supports. With each edition of standards, measures, or indicators (from 1971 to this day), CQL has asked and heard from people about the real meaning of quality. Those definitions have changed dramatically over 40 years.

We have seen the successes, as well as the often slow pace of change in the reality of most people’s lives. CQL is leading again with a clear focus on excellence in person-centered services and supports. Building on our own accomplishments in impacting quality for life for people, we are bringing forward fresh insights and new methods.

Through our What Really Matters Initiative, CQL developed the 8 Key Factors and 34 Success Indicators for Person-centered excellence. 

The Factors and Indicators are not standards. They are not designed to measure compliance with regulations or even system or organizational processes.  These success indicators promote personal quality of life and we encourage organizations to use them as part of their own internal quality improvement program.  We recommend that organizations prioritize and begin to implement those success indicators that will have the greatest impact and the most probable success for the people receiving services and supports.

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