Transform Your Organization And People's Lives

Through planning meetings, self-assessments, interviews, site visits, focus groups, stakeholder events, data analysis, and ongoing partnership, organizations can continually improve the quality of supports and the quality of life for people receiving those supports. CQL offers four different accreditation options to meet the unique needs of human service providers.

What Is Accreditation?

A common understanding of the term accreditation involves the formal recognition of an organization for attaining a specified set of standards, often viewed as merely “passing a test.” CQL’s Accreditation approach is more about being on a journey toward ongoing organizational transformation. Rather than receiving a “passing score,” it is about choosing the right path and making measurable progress. At CQL, we often say we meet organizations where they are and help them move to a better place.

Why Is Accreditation Important?

Through an open, honest, and unbiased evaluation by outside experts, accreditation equips organizations with valuable information and action steps for improvement. When organizations rely on their own internal review of operations, they may unintentionally allow the investment they have in their organization to influence their outlook. Internal review also limits an organization to its pre-existing base of knowledge, whereas accreditation aggregates best practices from other organizations.

"CQL, compared to other accreditation organizations, provides a focus on quality supports and quality of life of each person."

Megan Moore-Stevens, MMI Residential

"From the moment I familiarized myself with CQL, I knew this was the best accreditation partner we could find."

Mark Dodd, One Vision

"CQL Accreditation has offered us an opportunity to highlight our areas of strengths and identify opportunities for growth."

Mel Hartzog, New York Foundling

"The accreditation process was instrumental to focus and prioritize our limited resources in areas of importance to people we support."

Cory Gumm, Search Inc.

"CQL Accreditation introduced even more opportunities to enrich the lives of the people we serve."

Angela Pasyk, Center for Enriched Living

CQL Accreditation Process

Engagement Form
Planning & Scheduling
Agency Assessment
Agency Site Visits
Accreditation Celebration
Ongoing Partnership

CQL Accreditation Components

Person-Centered Practices

The process isn’t focused on paper, it’s focused on people. Along with reviewing policies and procedures, CQL uses internationally-recognized tools to ensure that policies are playing out in supports, and more importantly, in people’s lives.

Positive Experience

CQL Accreditation is not a deficiency-driven process. We work with organizations to improve supports by applying areas of excellence to areas of improvement. We help leverage the strongest aspects of your agency for services where growth is needed.

Expert Insight

CQL’s Quality Enhancement Specialists have diverse areas of expertise and work with hundreds of organizations across the globe. They observe and experience best practices from organizations, and spread them throughout the human services field.

Holistic Transformation

The scope of other accrediting bodies can be limiting. CQL does not provide programmatic-level accreditation of specific services. CQL Accreditation encompasses an entire organization, as true transformation is predicated on change at all levels.

Data Analysis

Organizations can use data collected through CQL tools to inform their decision-making and assess the return on their investments. At an individual level, the information and data entered can also direct person-centered plans and track progress.

Ongoing Partnership

Your accreditation experience with CQL doesn’t begin and end with the first visit. CQL embraces a partnership with those that achieve CQL Accreditation throughout the entire term, offering support, guidance, resources, check-ins, and insight.

Who CQL Accredits

Our accreditation is grounded in an organization-wide approach that impacts diverse populations of people receiving human services.

Accredited Organizations
  • Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  • Psychiatric Disabilities
  • Dual Diagnoses
  • Substance Use Disorders
  • State Systems
  • Employment Services
  • Older Adults
  • Children, Youth, and Families

Organizational Transformation

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