Inside Network Accreditation

This accreditation option provides networks with a framework for quality monitoring and enhancement to improve the supports and services of its members. It is applicable to systems that oversee multiple provider agencies and/or operate numerous site locations spanning multiple states.

Accreditation Overview

  • 4-year accreditation term
  • Customized depending on the type of network
  • Multi-year capacity-building period
  • Provides oversight and monitoring of QA systems
  • Emphasis on use of data analysis
  • Ongoing support, guidance, and access to resources

Intended For

  • Statewide/Provincial DD systems
  • Managed care organizations
  • Large-scale, multi-state human service entities

Not Intended For

  • Individual provider agencies

“Accreditation is critical in driving our framework and strategy for service delivery.”

Brad Turner, Commissioner, TN DIDD

3 Phases of Network Accreditation

1. Network Foundation

The first phase involves activities to build capacity across the network to learn about and utilize CQL tools, including the Personal Outcome Measures® and Basic Assurances®. The network will also begin enacting cultural change across its staff and partners. This process is essential to achieve buy-in from key stakeholders and promote sustainability and ensure effective and lasting impact.

2. Network Transformation

The second phase involves an evaluation of the current state of quality across the network. Data will be collected by using the Basic Assurances® and Personal Outcome Measures® tools. Taken together, these tools help to determine the overall effectiveness of the supports that are provided by members associated with the network, resulting in meaningful outcomes for people receiving support through the network.

3. Network Accreditation

The third phase involves CQL facilitating the network’s What Really Matters plan. This model is characterized by excellence in person-centered supports which ultimately promote personal quality of life outcomes. It facilitates person-centered supports across the network. After analysis of data, the network and its stakeholders will select goals to target in their journey toward person- centered excellence.

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Network Accreditation Components

Network Accreditation applies similar components and approaches as our other accreditation options, yet these are applied to the network itself instead of the individual provider agencies.

  • Pre-Accreditation Planning Meetings
    Conference calls covering the accreditation process
  • Organizational Self-Assessments
    Organization evaluates its operations, validated by CQL
  • Visits
    Visits are conducted with people where they receive services.
  • Personal Outcome Measures® Interviews
    Conversations with people supported and staff
  • Basic Assurances® Reviews
    Evaluation of fundamental requirements for agencies
  • Focus Groups
    Separate discussions with a variety of stakeholders
  • Data Collection & Analysis
    Collection and analysis of outcomes and supports data
  • Ongoing Support
    Continual collaboration between CQL and organization

Network Accreditation Process

While not encompassing every single step of Network Accreditation, the information below provides a broad overview of what to expect.


Contact CQL

To learn more, please contact Katherine Dunbar, CQL’s Vice President of Services and Systems Excellence


Initial Meetings

If Network Accreditation is an applicable solution, CQL will hold numerous meetings with the network.


Planning & Scheduling

Upon contract development and signing, CQL will work with the network on timelines for Network Accreditation.


Network Training

CQL will conduct numerous trainings in the Personal Outcome Measures® and Basic Assurances® for network staff.



The network completes a self-assessment, which CQL validates, to review how policies apply to practices.



CQL conducts focus groups to gather information and feedback from various perspectives to advise the network.


Accreditation Achievement

Following a successful review, the network will formally achieve CQL Network Accreditation.


Continuing Collaboration

There are regular check-ins, visits, meetings, correspondence, and more, to maintain progress in improving quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the overall Network Accreditation process take?

The length of time for the Network Accreditation process depends upon the individual needs, size, scope, etc. of the network. Broadly, the time between the first discussion with CQL and the initial on-site visit will take multiple years.

How much does Network Accreditation cost?

The costs of Network Accreditation process vary greatly based upon the individual needs, size, scope, etc. of the network. Throughout the initial meetings, planning calls, and contract development, the costs of Network Accreditation will be determined.

Accreditation Videos

Our videos and webinars provides an in-depth look at how CQL Accreditation drives holistic, continuous transformation for organizations.