An Achievement Worth Celebrating

Obtaining CQL Accreditation is not easy. It requires an immense amount of work, energy, and resources to go through a process that has such far-reaching effects on your organization. Human service providers should be proud of their CQL Accreditation and share this accomplishment with others.

Why is promoting accreditation important?

CQL Accreditation sends a clear message that you have an unwavering commitment to ensuring the people you support receive the very best services. It tells those receiving services, families, staff, board members, donors, and the community as a whole, that you’re investing in innovation, promoting transformation, and embracing best practices. Whether you’re launching a fundraising campaign, applying for a grant, or recruiting new employees, you can use your CQL Accreditation to advance your organizational objectives. This is a unique opportunity to make your agency stand out among other human services organizations.

How can you highlight your accreditation?

There are a seemingly endless number of ways you can communicate your achievement of CQL Accreditation with various audiences. From incorporating the accreditation logo on your marketing materials, to showcasing your achievement in donation drives, distributing press releases to media contacts, including your accreditation status on job postings, or letting families know that you care about each person’s individual hopes and dreams – your organization can utilize promotional kit materials produced by CQL to meet your goals. The accreditation promotional kits offer all the resources you need and ideas for how you can use them.

"By attaining CQL Accreditation, Independent Opportunities, Inc. has further aligned itself to be recognized as a preferred provider among MCOs, DIDD, and individuals seeking services."

Ann Williams, TN State Director, Independent Opportunities, Inc.

Ideas For Promoting Your Accreditation

There are numerous mediums where you can highlight your CQL Accreditation, and let others know you're an elite human service provider.

  • Website Pages
  • Brochures
  • Email Marketing
  • Physical Spaces
  • Videos
  • Flyers
  • Fundraising Campaigns
  • Email Signatures
  • Press Releases
  • Advertisements
  • Website Footer
  • Social Media

Promotional Kit Materials

Upon completion of your CQL Accreditation, you will receive a digital kit with all the tools you need in order to successfully promote your accreditation and display your commitment to quality services.


Accreditation Logos

3 different versions of our logos to suit your organization’s specific needs in a variety of contexts


Post Graphics For Social Media

Various graphics for you to share your achievement through your organization’s social media channels


Profile Graphics For Social Media

Options for header/cover graphics for you to use as profile images on your agency’s social media channels


Printable Posters

Posters that you can print and display around your physical spaces celebrating your achievement with your peers


Press Release Template

A pre-written template for you to use to share your accreditation with various media outlets


Visual Usage Guides

Guides on how to use our provided materials to market your accreditation and share your hard work

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use everything from the promo kit?

Of course, CQL hopes that you are just as excited as we are about your organization’s accreditation and are eager to share with your community and stakeholders! However, there are no expectations regarding the use of the promo kit materials. You do not have the share or post anything if you do not want to, or if your organization doesn’t have any social media accounts. Use what is applicable to your organization.

However, if you are sharing your achievement we do prefer that you use the materials and graphics that we provided if they are applicable.

What if I need materials that are not provided in the kit?

You are welcome to contact Maddie Robin, CQL’s Communications Specialist, for assistance with additional marketing materials. She will also be able to provide guidance if CQL can produce the requested materials, or if you would need to create them yourself.

Please note: You are allowed to incorporate the logo into graphics that you create on your own, as long as you are following our provided Logo Usage Guide.

Where can I find the promotional kit materials?

There are different promotional kits for each accreditation type. You can access the materials through Box, a file-sharing site, which are linked here:

The file-sharing sites are password protected. The password was provided to your executive leadership / accreditation contact upon achieving accreditation. If you no longer have your password, you can contact Maddie Robin, CQL’s Communications Specialist.

Help! I'm having trouble using the logo/graphics!

Review the provided logo and social media usage guides first. If that does not help or answer your question, you can contact Maddie Robin, CQL’s Communications Specialist, for any further assistance with any of the promotional kit materials.

Accreditation Overview Video

The video 'An Overview of CQL Accreditation' can be used to communicate with stakeholders what CQL Accreditation is, why it's important, what's involved, and how it impacts agencies and people supported.

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