Inside Systems Accreditation

Brand new human service organizations, that are not yet supporting people, need to ensure future services are set up for success. Systems Accreditation works to validate the essential requirements of organizational policies and procedures are in place.

Accreditation Overview

  • 1-year accreditation term
  • Multiple off-site meetings with CQL staff
  • Completion and validation of self-assessment
  • Ongoing support, guidance, and access to resources

Intended For Organizations

  • New organizations, not yet providing services
  • May be located in states that require licensure
  • Interested in high standards for quality
  • Seeking to establish systems for future practices

"We were brilliantly challenged to reflect deeply and systematically. We are confident in starting strong."

Reuben Kangethe, Residential Options, LLC

Systems Accreditation Components


During multiple off-site meetings, CQL and the organization discuss expectations, requirements, and next steps involving accreditation and state regulations.

Basic Assurances®

The primary tool used in Systems Accreditation is the Basic Assurances®, which evaluate systems surrounding health, safety, security, and social constructs.


Organizations complete a Basic Assurances® self-assessment to evaluate policies and procedures involving non-negotiable requirements of human service providers.

CQL Validation

Following the completion of the self-assessment, CQL will validate the document, which will include at least one additional meeting with the organization.

Ongoing Support

Throughout the one-year accreditation term, CQL will provide guidance to assist the organization in putting systems into practice in advance of service provision.

Continuous Improvement

Within six months of actually providing services, organizations must apply for Quality Assurances Accreditation to initiate the next level of CQL Accreditation.

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Benefits Of Systems Accreditation

This level of accreditation lays the groundwork for organizations by establishing baseline standards for quality systems, which can translate into quality services.

  • Discover person-centered approaches
  • Access internationally-recognized tools
  • Receive ongoing expert consultation
  • Build systems for quality monitoring
  • Meet state regulations for service provision
  • Obtain resources for improving quality
  • Complimentary access to PORTAL Data System
  • Receive a 5% discount on POM Certification and CQL Training
  • Align with the highest standards in services
  • Prepare for Quality Assurances Accreditation

Systems Accreditation Process

While not encompassing every single step of the accreditation process, the information below provides an overview of what to expect.


Request For Engagement

The organization submits the Request for Engagement (RFE) form, at least six months before they intend to hold the validation review.



Upon review and approval of the RFE, CQL works with the organization throughout the process, covering expectations and requirements.



The organization completes and submits a Basic Assurances® self-assessment, reviewing agency policies that will apply to practices.



CQL Quality Enhancement Specialists review the self-assessment to determine alignment with the standards of Basic Assurances®.


Award Letter

Pending a successful accreditation, the organization will receive an award letter, certificate, and plaque recognizing the achievement.



After the organization begins providing direct services, within six months, they must apply for CQL Quality Assurances Accreditation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are expectations of Systems Accreditation?

Please review the ‘Request for Engagement’ form for a complete listing, but overall, the requirements include:

  • Completed Basic Assurances® self-assessment by organization
  • CQL validation of Basic Assurances® systems


How much does this level of CQL Accreditation cost?

To assist in your budgetary planning for Systems Accreditation, an estimate for this one-year accreditation term is $5,250.

Accreditation Videos

Our videos and webinars provides an in-depth look at how CQL Accreditation drives holistic, continuous transformation for organizations.