Inside CQL Consultation

CQL staff are skilled in designing creative, responsive, and accountable systems and services to help enhance the quality of services provided, and the lives of the people receiving services. Staff are thoroughly experienced in the real day-to-day challenges facing the human services field.

Why Is CQL Consultation Important?

While there can be consistent themes for the issues that human service organizations, governmental entities, and provider networks face, the nuances of those issues and the development of effective responses can be extraordinarily complex. Through CQL’s decades of experience in being at the forefront of best practices in human services, and the proven expertise of its staff, CQL Consultation offers clear guidance and practical action steps to confront some of the most complicated problems in human services.

What Does CQL Consultation Entail?

Due to the customized nature of CQL Consultation, every collaboration is unique. Depending upon the specific type of project and desired outcome, CQL Consultation can involve a combination of in-depth research, on-site assessments, in-person interviews, dynamic training, focus groups, virtual meetings, and robust reporting. Consultation is often used to enhance the use of services like accreditation and certification, or improve the application of tools like Personal Outcome Measures® or Basic Assurances®.

Areas Of CQL Consultation

CQL Consultation covers a wide range of topics. The various consultation areas can also accompany customized training and help strengthen CQL tools and services.

  • Integrated Quality Management Systems
  • Person-Centered Practices
  • CMS Reporting
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Transformation Strategies
  • Medicaid Managed Care
  • Personal Outcome Measures® Data Collection and Analysis
  • Community Integration
  • Data Utilization
  • Residential Trends
  • Service Coordination Evaluation
  • Social Capital
  • HCBS Settings Regulations
  • Basic Assurances® Data Collection and Analysis