Improve Quality Through CQL Partnerships

From conducting research projects, to collaborating on new resources, to creating opportunities for staff development, CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership has established partnerships all across the world. These have resulted in transforming how the human services field empowers people with disabilities to achieve their goals and dreams.

"We know that this is a marathon and not a sprint. We’ll continue to be engaged with CQL for a very long time."

Suzy Davis, I Am Boundless

"CQL has proven to provide an ideal framework for energizing our agency to move toward person-centered outcomes."

Melodie Peet, IPPI

"We can always count on CQL to nudge us out of our comfort zone and guide us to the next level of quality."

Stephanie Scott, St. Louis Arc

"That partnership has grown and we can hardly wait for CQL to come in. It’s a chance for us to talk about what we do well."

Jeff Pederson, CHI Friendship

Benefits of CQL Partnerships

Engage With Experts

CQL staff members bring decades of expertise to their work, which provides extensive benefits for our partnerships. Whether it’s employment, sexual rights, community inclusion, or a host of other topics, CQL is well-versed not only in philosophies, but especially practices.

Enhance Quality of Life

Since our inception, CQL has been focused on the personal outcomes of people with intellectual, developmental, and psychiatric disabilities. This approach is evident in our partnerships and the resulting projects, products, and resources developed through those alliances.

Collaborate On Projects

From conducting national studies to delivering statewide training, human service providers and governmental agencies have worked with CQL on a variety of different types of projects. These are often customized to meet the unique needs of organizations that partner with us.

Improve Best Practices

Starting in 1969, CQL has taken on a leadership role to introduce, strengthen, and promote best practices in the human services field to enhance the lives of people with disabilities. Organizations throughout the world have turned to CQL for improving supports and services.

Embrace Systems Change

Partnership with CQL involves a holistic approach to enhancing quality, through an integration of our resources, research, services, and other offerings. This approach translates into intrinsic and meaningful transformation across all facets of an organization.

Expand Networks

Through the wide-ranging relationships that CQL has created with leading voices in the human services field, CQL builds connections among its partners. By developing this network, it offers more opportunities to share ideas, collaborate, and improve supports and services.

Quality Enhancement In Canada

CQL partners with Canadian human service organizations to embrace and implement person-centred practices, through a variety of CQL services and other offerings.

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