Overview Of The Affiliation

While the alliance between the National Leadership Consortium and CQL will provide numerous benefits for the field, it will not have a marked effect on either organizations’ existing services, partnerships, or initiatives.

Basis For The Partnership

This relationship was established based on an alignment of values, a collective interest in improving the field, and complementary expertise in numerous areas. In comparison to NLC’s past connection to the University of Delaware, CQL offers administrative and operational support that is more directly tied to human services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities – strengthening NLC’s goals to assure the quality and commitment of the next generation of leaders.

Benefits For The Field

The new partnership will provide additional opportunities for collaboration between CQL and the National Leadership Consortium. The organizations will work together on the development of practical guides, timely articles, impactful research, and engaging presentations. Through the shared insight and knowledge of our organizations, these new tools, resources, and offerings will help improve the lives of people with disabilities and advance the expertise of leaders in human services.

Impact on NLC

The National Leadership Consortium’s designation as an affiliate of CQL aligns with their previous affiliation with the University of Delaware’s Department of Human Development and Family Sciences. The National Leadership Consortium will continue as a semi-autonomous organization independently focused on its own internationally-recognized intensive leadership institutes, leadership training, resource development, research initiatives, and community-building efforts among disability leaders.

Impact On CQL

The addition of the National Leadership Consortium as an affiliate of CQL will not have any implications for CQL’s core services of accreditation, training, certification, research, or consultation. While CQL’s partners may individually choose to engage with the National Leadership Consortium’s initiatives – as has occurred previously due to CQL being an industry partner of NLC – involvement in their offerings such as the leadership institutes will not be integrated into CQL’s services.

The National Leadership Consortium

The National Leadership Consortium works to assure that the next generation of disability service sector leaders have the skills, knowledge, and resources needed to lead organizations and systems.

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Leadership Institutes

Leadership Institutes support leaders to enhance knowledge, skills & values to promote sustainable, responsive, and effective practices.

Training & Development

NLC offers targeted leadership development, training, and support focused on building specific skills of disability service sector leaders.

Technical Assistance & Support

Agencies can receive guidance as they transform agency structures, practices, and service models to improve their impact.

Research & Evaluation

The research and evaluation initiatives explore the skills, career trajectories, and perspectives of disability service sector leaders.

Online Community of Practice

A networking platform from NLC offers disability leaders a medium for connecting, collaborating, and sharing resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the National Leadership Consortium becoming an affiliate of CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership?

This partnership was initiated due to an alignment of values, principles, mission/vision, and strategic objectives between the two organizations. Considering CQL’s direct involvement in improving quality across the human services field, the repositioning of NLC as an affiliate of CQL was a better fit in comparison to its previous affiliation with the university system.

How will the National Leadership Consortium and its leadership institutes be impacted by this new partnership?

Just as it was under the previous affiliation with the University of Delaware, the National Leadership Consortium will remain an independent, semi-autonomous organization hosting its leadership institutes, training, research, programs. When relevant and applicable, CQL may join a Leadership Institute as a guest presenter just as it has done for more than a decade. Through this alliance, CQL will be providing administrative, operational, and marketing support to the National Leadership Consortium – as needed.

What effect will this partnership have on CQL’s core services?

The partnership will have no effect on CQL’s core services of accreditation, training, certification, research, and/or consultation. For example, participation in a NLC Leadership Institute would not become a requirement of achieving or maintaining accreditation. As some human services professionals associated with CQL have in the past, they can still elect to participate in a NLC Leadership Institute to promote their own growth as a leader in the field.

How will the alliance benefit the I/DD human services field?

Considering the collective expertise and experience of NLC and CQL, there will be opportunities for the organizations to collaborate on resources, tools, guides, webinars, etc. This offers a wealth of knowledge and insight that can help spread best practices across the human services field to help professionals as well as people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) who receive services.

What is the impact of the partnership on existing relationships with national disability organizations?

There will not be any effect on the industry partners, sponsors, etc. of either NLC or CQL. The organizations’ connections with those partner entities will remain intact and the related support, collaboration, and involvement is just as important as ever following this new alliance.