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Whether you want to promote community inclusion, empower the people you support, or ensure data drives your services - CQL's publications are a great place to start. They'll enhance your knowledge of issues affecting people with disabilities, mental illness, children or older adults. Topics include advocacy, employment, budgets, guardianship and so much more.

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Building The Framework For IDD Quality Measurement

Building The Framework For IDD Quality Measurement

This report establishes an understanding of value-based quality measures for people with IDD to ensure that as the industry moves to managed care, the quality metrics utilized are meaningful to people with IDD. It is a summary of findings from a 2018 symposium, combined with data analysis of 28 service agencies supporting 3,000 people. 



Personal Outcome Measures®: 25 Years of Person-Centered Discovery and Achieving Outcomes

Personal Outcome Measures®: 25 Years of Person-Centered Discovery and Achieving Outcomes

This Personal Outcome Measures® report aggregates data from the last 25 years about the quality of life of people with disabilities to serve as lessons to guide future directions of the field. 



Personal Outcome Measures® Manual

Personal Outcome Measures® Manual

Explore the 21 Personal Outcome Measures® that focus on the choices adults have in their lives. This is a powerful tool for evaluating the quality of life and the level of individualized supports to facilitate each outcome measure.




12 Reasons Why Data Is Important

12 Reasons Why Data Is Important

'12 Reasons Why Data Is Important' explores why data is important, what you can do with it, and how it relates to the human services field. You can also download '12 Reasons Why Data Is Important' to print out copies and share with your colleagues and other stakeholders.



Tips For Speakers Guide

Tips For Speakers Guide

This 'Tips For Speakers' guide is designed for self-advocates and allies to assist in making effective presentations to a wide range of audiences.



Outcomes Overview: Personal Outcome Measures

Outcomes Overview: Personal Outcome Measures®

CQL has developed an overview version of the Personal Outcome Measures®, to enhance the accessibility and understanding of Personal Outcome Measures® for people receiving supports, as well as their stakeholders.



Your Right To A Community Life

HCBS Guide: Advocates

This guide prepares you for HCBS advocacy with information about the Rule and tools to share about your experience receiving services.



Supporting The Right To A Community Life

HCBS Guide: Supporters

This resource prepares you to assist those you support to advocate for the community lives they want and share their experiences receiving Home and Community Based Services.



State of Transportation For People With Disabilities

The State of Transportation for People With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Medicaid HCBS Waivers

The purpose of this article is to examine Medicaid HCBS 1915(c) waivers, to see how transportation is provided and the potential effect on community access and integration.


Shared Values® Manual

Shared Values® Manual: What People and Organizations Believe Are Important

You can align your organization’s values with the Shared Values® in this manual. This guide also helps you merge those values with your daily practices.



Basic Assurances Manual

Basic Assurances® Manual

This manual helps organizations design their policies and procedures around critical, non-negotiable health, safety, and security requirements that are person–centered.  






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