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Person-Centered Excellence Publications Package

This is a complete set of valuable resources to support organizations in the quality efforts of providing person-centered supports and services. Additionally, this package is inclusive of the essential guides for a comprehensive quality improvement plan that promote personal quality of life. 


  • Person-centered Excellence Manual

  • Personal Outcome Measures® Manual

  • Basic Assurances® Manual

  • Shared Values® Manual
    Person-Centered Excellence Publications Package

With the purchase of this package you will have the opportunity to select the specific discipline (Intellectual Developmental Disability, Aging or Mental Illness).  

  • Develop a comprehensive quality improvement plan by integrating the best practices among these resources

  • Discover, evaluate and enhance the organizations person-centered supports and services to insure that they address what really matters to the people supported.

  • Initiate organizational transformation 


Personal Outcome Measures® Manual:
Person-Centered Excellence Guide:



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