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It's insight and expertise you won't find anywhere else. Also, it's free. CQL's resource library covers topics involving advocacy, person-centered supports, outcomes, community inclusion, budgets, human resources, and much more. Whether you're providing services for older adults, children, people with disabilities or mental illness - quality is just a few clicks away.

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From organizational management to human resources, learn about a wide range of topics involving leadership in human services.


Person-Centered Supports

You can transform your supports into a person-centered approach, with a focus on topics such as outcomes, choice and service coordination.  



These toolkits and articles will enhance your knowledge about community inclusion for older adults, children, people with disabilities, and those with mental illness.


Best Practices

Discover how to support choice, understand risk, apply employment outcomes and more, with these best practices for human services. 



Take an outcomes-based approach to your services, and find out how they affect everything from employment opportunities for people you support, to the sustainability of your direct support professionals.


Social Capital

You can help build the social capital of the people you support. Learn about the 3 elements of social capital and changes you can make to improve community engagement. 



These articles lay the framework for enhancing the quality of your supports and services. Whether you're looking to improve service interactions or utilize organizational resources, attention to quality is critical.