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Toolkit For States

CQL| The Council on Quality and Leadership is pleased to provide states with this newly developed toolkit.

This Toolkit for States provides states with detailed support, using CQL quality measurement tools and data elements, to comply with requisite reporting to CMS on new Home and Community-Based Setting and Plan Requirements (effective March 17, 2014), and Revised HCBS Quality Assurances (issued March 12, 2014).


Specifically, this toolkit addresses:

  • New Home and Community-Based Setting Requirements

  • Additional Requirements for Provider Owned/Controlled Residential Settings

  • New Person-Centered Service Plan Process Requirements

  • New Person-Centered Service Plan Documentation Requirements

  • Revised CMS Quality Assurances & Sub-Assurances

For each area, concrete data elements (i.e., specific questions) to support State compliance with CMS reporting requirements.

This information is pulled from CQL’s well-established quality measurement tools:

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CQL believes that this toolkit provides states with detailed information, across populations, of quality measurement to comply with reporting requirements to CMS on the new waiver regulations and revised HCBS quality assurances. CQL’s long-standing person-centered approach to quality monitoring and management provides service systems value-based accreditation practices to help support outcomes based services and supports. 

For more information regarding the toolkit, please contact:

Mary Kay Rizzolo | mkrizzolo@thecouncil.org