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Accredited Organizations Receive A Discount On Training and Certification

Updated: 6/1/22

CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership is offering yet another added-value benefit of CQL Accreditation. Organizations that are pursuing or have achieved CQL Accreditation can take advantage of a 5% discount on the costs of future CQL Personal Outcome Measures® (POM) Certification activities, and participation in POM Workshops and other CQL training, whether presented in-person or virtually.

“Hundreds of organizations across the United States and around the world understand and appreciate the value of CQL Accreditation,” says Mary Kay Rizzolo, President and CEO of CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership. “This discount provides yet another benefit for accredited agencies, resulting in a significant impact on those they support.”

Eligibility And Application Of The Discount

  • Eligible organizations can start taking advantage of the 5% discount.
  • Organizations that have a signed Letter of Engagement for CQL Accreditation or are actively/currently accredited by CQL are eligible for the 5% discount.
  • The discount is applied to CQL POM Certification activities, POM Workshops, and other CQL training.
  • The discount is only available for services and activities that have not yet been completed. The discount cannot be applied retroactively to services and activities that have already occurred.
  • Organizations that have already paid for an eligible service/activity that has not yet occurred, should contact CQL about receiving a credit for the discounted amount.
  • The discount is not available for Network Accreditation or other contracted services.
  • The discount cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts offered by CQL.
  • The discount cannot be used for Relias e-Learning courses about the Personal Outcome Measures®, the purchase of the CQL manuals, or individual sessions about CQL tools and services at events and conferences.
  • Whenever possible, CQL will make every effort to apply the discount automatically for organizations that have achieved CQL Accreditation. There may be situations, such as a workshop or a training, where the organization will need to contact us prior to registering so that we can provide a discount coupon code.

This discount builds upon the numerous benefits of CQL Accreditation. Some examples of these benefits include the alignment with the highest standards in human services, the implementation of best practices, the integration of CQL’s internationally-recognized tools, ongoing partnership and collaboration with CQL, complimentary access to the PORTAL Data System, and more.

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Since 1969, CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership has been a leader in working with human service organizations and systems to continuously define, measure, and improve quality of life and quality of services for youth, adults, and older adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and psychiatric disabilities. CQL offers accreditation, training, certification, research, and consultation services to agencies that share our vision of dignity, opportunity, and community for all people.