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Another CQL Accreditation Achievement For IPPI in Connecticut

On June 14, 2019, The Institute of Professional Practice, Inc. (IPPI) officially achieved CQL’s Person-Centered Excellence Accreditation, a four-year term which will extend through 2023. This accomplishment marks the second term of CQL Accreditation for IPPI, having first achieved the three-year Quality Assurances Accreditation in 2016. CQL Accreditation provides IPPI with a proven framework for quality monitoring and enhancement through self-assessments, reviews, interviews, on-site visits, focus groups, data analysis, ongoing partnership, and more.

“IPPI has now attained CQL Accreditation for the second time, demonstrating their continuing commitment to improving quality in Connecticut, not only at the organizational level, but especially for the people they support,” shares Mary Kay Rizzolo, President and Chief Executive Officer of CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership. “We have valued their partnership over the years and look forward to more collaboration in the future.”

During the on-site accreditation visit, CQL Quality Enhancement Specialists were able to witness first-hand IPPI’s methods to improve quality across the organization. “IPPI Connecticut has a vision for the future that has been shaped in response to the needs of people receiving supports, families, and their community. This was reflected during the visit in focus groups, in-person reviews, interviews, and the stakeholder event,” says Michael Clausen. “We were able to see, hear, and directly experience how that vision plays out not only in services, but especially people’s lives.” Through various factors such as a talented and passionate staff, strong self-advocates, transparent approaches, embrace of best practices, and more, it was evident that IPPI remains focused on ongoing organizational transformation. They have expanded upon their people-first culture through language used by staff, organizational community integration efforts, and implementation of person-centered discovery practices.

“While we still have a distance to go, our journey of transformation has begun from being an agency that was mostly focused on the health, safety, and well-being of the people we serve to being an agency that truly focuses on striving to assist and support the people we serve to realize their desires and dreams,” says P.L. Keene, Connecticut State Director of IPPI.

IPPI, headquartered in Meriden, CT, offers a large array of supports including residential, day, and consultative and training programs throughout the state. Through its mission to build strong communities by empowering individuals, they live out their vision to be the provider of choice, enriching individual lives and strengthening families and communities every day.

IPPI currently provides supports and services for hundreds of children, adults, and families in most of the large, and many of the small communities in Connecticut.

In reflecting upon the value and benefits of their CQL Accreditation, IPPI highlights the importance of respect involving people receiving their services, along with the employees providing those supports. To strengthen their person-centered discovery and learn more about outcomes related to respect, dignity, self-determination, and more, IPPI has equipped staff through CQL Certification involving the Personal Outcome Measures®. Stephanie Esteves, Director of Quality Enhancement for IPPI, has achieved CQL Certification in both the Adult and Children and Youth measures. “CQL has provided us with a clear, definitive path toward excellence in service delivery all while keeping the focus on each individual person,” says Esteves. “The people we serve are becoming empowered and respected in their own right and supported to strive for things that have previously been considered ‘unrealistic.’ To me, that is the most significant effect that CQL Accreditation has had on the people who choose our services.”

“It’s a privilege to partner with organizations like IPPI,” shares Katherine Dunbar, CQL Vice President of Services and Systems Excellence. “They align with our values, embrace a person-centered philosophy, and put it all into practice to positively impact the people receiving their supports. We want to congratulate them on the significant achievement of CQL Accreditation.”