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Beth Triplett: A Positive Source Of Support

Submitted By: Mary Costner, RHA Health Services

Beth Triplett works as a Direct Support Professional for RHA Health Services, a CQL-Accredited organization providing a broad range of person-centered, integrated, and high-quality supports to thousands of people in Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

Beth has used the Personal Outcomes Measures® as a valuable tool to gain a better understanding of individually-defined outcomes and then use that information to help support opportunities for a more meaningful day. Beth has made such a difference in so many lives, one in particular being Tammy.

Tammy enjoys writing recipes on index cards, going grocery shopping, as well as cooking new meals. Tammy and Beth had gone grocery shopping at several grocery stores and in Tammy’s words “other grocery stores did not treat me as a person, like I like to be treated.” Earlier this year, Beth and Tammy started grocery shopping at the Food Lion in Lincolnton, NC.

Gene, Greg, and Josh, all employees of the Food Lion, have been friendly, respectful, and helpful in their interactions with Tammy. Over the last 6 months, Tammy and Beth have developed a great rapport with the employees, who all know Tammy by name and make her feel welcomed. Tammy now even calls the Food Lion “My Lincolnton Food Lion.”

Beth also supports Tammy in creating other connections in the community through various activities and events, including visits to the library and exercising at the local YMCA. These experiences, through supports from Beth, have equipped Tammy to interact with other members of the community.

In choosing personal goals, Tammy shared that she wanted to learn how to spell, solve different types of math problems, and understand word definitions. Beth jumped right in to support her with daily lessons. Specifically involving math problems, Beth started with simple addition and subtraction at a 3rd grade level and then added 3 digit numbers and multiplication. Beth has helped make learning a fun experience, and Tammy is now at a 6th grade level!

When it comes to realizing personal goals and celebrating milestones – whether it’s birthdays, holidays, or special events – Beth helps ensure each person supported chooses how and where they want to celebrate, making it “all about them.”

Beth gives 150% all of the time and you can see the joy she gets in return. Beth’s demeanor never changes, as she consistently empowers people receiving services and colleagues to follow their dreams, be who they want, and keep a upbeat attitude. The passion, patience, and positivity Beth emits is truly a gift!

2019 National Direct Support Professional Recognition Week

This article is part of a campaign during the 2019 National Direct Support Professional Recognition Week, to acknowledge Direct Support Professionals who are demonstrating excellence through the use of CQL’s Personal Outcome Measures® and/or NADSP’s Code of Ethics/Competency Areas. This campaign was developed through a partnership between CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership, The National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals (NADSP), and The American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR).