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CQL Named As An Approved Accrediting Organization For CSSP In Arkansas

CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership has been recognized as an approved accrediting organization for the new provider type, ‘Community Support System Providers’ (CSSP), in Arkansas. The designation is detailed in the Rules for the Division of Medical Services: Licensure Manual for Community Support System Providers issued by the Arkansas Department of Human Services on January 1st, 2021.

In these rules, it is specified that:

  1. “A CSSP must be accredited by an approved accrediting organization for all home and community-based services offered or intended to be offered by the CSSP before DPSQA may issue a CSSP license or CSSP license enhancement.
  2. A CSSP must demonstrate its accreditation or accreditations cover each home- and community-based service the CSSP offers or intends to offer.
  3. A CSSP must comply with all requirements of its accreditations.
  4. A loss of a CSSP’s accreditation constitutes a violation of these standards.”

Community Support System Providers are part of the Community & Employment Support (CES) Waiver, which is detailed by the Arkansas Division of Developmental Disabilities Services. The new provider type and its associated waiver aim to better meet the needs of people with dual diagnosis – those with both intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and psychiatric disabilities.

CQL looks forward to partnering with more Community Support System Providers across Arkansas to collaborate on improving the quality of services delivered by organizations, and more importantly, improving the quality of life for those receiving services.

“The new CSSP provider type is an amazing opportunity for innovations and improvements in community-based services in Arkansas, particularly for individuals who are dually diagnosed. We are thrilled to have CQL as a partner supporting our efforts to better provide effective, person-centered supports that empower the individuals we serve to live meaningful, fulfilling lives in their communities.”

Syard Evans, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, Arkansas Support Network

About CQL Accreditation

Human service organizations in Arkansas can utilize a proven framework for quality monitoring and enhancement with CQL Accreditation. Through planning meetings, self-assessments, interviews, visits, focus groups, stakeholder events, data analysis, and ongoing partnership, organizations can continually improve the quality of supports and the quality of life for people receiving those supports.

What Is Accreditation?

A common understanding of the term accreditation involves the formal recognition of an organization for attaining a specified set of standards, often viewed as merely “passing a test.” CQL’s approach is about being on a journey toward ongoing organizational transformation. Rather than receiving a “passing score,” it is about choosing the right path and making measurable progress. At CQL, we often say we meet organizations where they are and help them move to a better place.

Why Is It Important?

Through an open, honest, and unbiased evaluation by outside experts, accreditation equips organizations with valuable information and action steps for improvement. When organizations rely on their own internal review of operations, they may unintentionally allow the investment they have in their organization to influence their outlook. Internal review also limits an organization to its pre-existing base of knowledge, whereas accreditation aggregates best practices from other organizations.

Our process places a distinct focus on person-centered practices, the use of data to inform decision-making, holistic transformation impacting all services and programs, as well as a positive experience that rejects deficiency-driven models that are typically associated with accreditation.

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Since 1969, CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership has been a leader in working with human service organizations and systems to continuously define, measure, and improve quality of life and quality of services for youth, adults, and older adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and psychiatric disabilities. CQL offers accreditation, training, certification, research, and consultation services to agencies that share our vision of dignity, opportunity, and community for all people.