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CQL Releases New Requirements For Trainer Re-Certification

CQL views Personal Outcome Measures® (POM) Trainer Certification as a means for ensuring trainers maintain and refine both their POM interviewing techniques and training skills to successfully facilitate POM Workshops, all with the ultimate goal of having reliable data to best equip their organization in supporting the attainment of personal quality of life outcomes. We felt it was time – after 4 years since launching the current Trainer Certification requirements – to revisit the requirements and ensure they continue to support the attainment of those goals.

As a result of our review of both Certified POM Interviewer and Trainer requirements and being responsive to feedback from organizations, it was determined a change was needed for the POM Certified Trainer requirements. No changes are being made to the Interviewer Certification requirements at this time.

These new POM Trainer Re-Certification requirements, which will take effect starting December 1st, 2021, offer a simplified and more flexible process. Certified Trainers can ‘mix and match’ from various categories of the requirements to best meet their professional development goals and the needs of their organization. In addition, the revised requirements reflect a balance of training and POM interviewing/decision-making skills. While training skills are critical, it is also essential that Certified Trainers maintain and refine POM interviewing and decision-making skills to be able to support others in their organizations to gather reliable POM data.

New Certified POM Trainer Certification Requirements

In addition to the requirement of 8 hours of CQL Continuing Education, those seeking Trainer Re-Certification will now be required to complete a total of at least 24 days of POM related professional development consisting of the following activities over the course of the 2-year term:

  • A minimum of 2 POM Workshops
    • 1 POM Workshop counts as 4 Days (in-person or virtual)
  • A minimum of 6 POM Interviews
    • 1 POM Interview counts as 1 Day (in-person or virtual)

Beyond these minimum requirements, the remaining 10 days may include any combination of the following activities – POM Workshops, POM Interviews, and/or CQL-Approved Customized Training. If certified in more than one measure, consult CQL for the specific Trainer Certification requirements involving multiple measures.

CQL-Approved Customized Training

CQL-Approved Customized Training is one that Certified Trainers develop, utilizing CQL POM training materials and concepts, designed to share the basic tenants of the Personal Outcome Measures® in a format, timeframe, and for an audience meeting organizational needs.

Some potential examples include:

  • 1-day overview of the POM for DSPs and/or people supported
  • 1-day training about one particular outcome or concept
  • Curriculum that is utilized during new staff orientation
  • Board member training
  • “Refresher/Coaching” course for those doing POM interviews in an organization

Customized training is really open to the Certified Trainer’s creativity and need. The curriculum and materials must be submitted to CQL for approval. A CQL-Approved Customized Training curriculum may be repeated multiple times, with each event counting at a minimum as 1 day. Multiple-day training developed will be counted according to the number of days involved.

Implementing The New Requirements

The new requirements for Trainer Re-Certification will apply to all Certified Trainers, regardless of how far along they are in their certification term. Considering that these changes are simpler and more manageable in comparison to the previous requirements, they will not add any additional expectations for Certified Trainers. Also, just as we have been throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, as needed, we will work with Certified Trainers to support them with strategies for maintaining their CQL Certification.

In our quest for ongoing quality enhancement, we are excited to take this opportunity to fine-tune the POM Trainer Re-Certification requirements to better meet our common goals in a more flexible manner. If you have any questions regarding these new requirements, please Contact CQL and we would be happy to assist you.

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