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Frances Nyepan: Lighting Fireworks In People’s Lives

Submitted By: Melinda DelFratte, Boundless

Frances Nyepan has a positive spirit and he is always looking for another way to support people in achieving their individually-defined outcomes. He is patient and kind which has allowed him to be trusted by people supported, families, and staff. Frances is a Direct Support Professional who works for Boundless, a human services organization in Ohio providing valuable programs and services to thousands of individuals with developmental disabilities for more than 30 years.

One woman who Frances supports wanted to attend the local 4th of July fireworks, but had been unsuccessful in the past due to extreme rigidness in her routine. Through the use of Personal Outcome Measures®, Frances was able to discover that she really wanted to participate in the life of her community through the fireworks. Despite this desire, she was unable to find a way to adjust her routines.

Frances then worked with her over a series of weeks to talk about the 4th of July and fireworks. Frances and her used a calendar to mark events that they were going to do together leading up to the holiday. This included talking about the fireworks, shopping for a 4th of July t-shirt to wear to the fireworks, and going to the location where they would view the fireworks on several occasions before the event.

Through all of these supports provided by Frances, the 4th of July fireworks were a big success and she enjoyed the evening just as she and Frances had planned. Through planning, discussion, and trust, she was also able to able to participate in many different community events and has been able to include others in her life to enjoy a variety of opportunities in her home, with her neighbors, and in the community.

2018 Direct Support Professional Recognition Week

This article is part of a campaign during the 2018 Direct Support Professional Recognition Week, to acknowledge Direct Support Professionals who are helping people achieve their individually-defined outcomes, through the use of Personal Outcome Measures®. This campaign was developed through a partnership between CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership and The National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals (NADSP).