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Lucy Klym: Monthly Staff Spotlight

CQL is excited to present our Monthly Staff Spotlight series. This offers an opportunity for you to get to know our team even better! We’ve asked the staff member a series of questions about their history, background, experiences with CQL, as well as some information about them personally. In October 2022, we’re featuring Lucy Klym, one of CQL’s Quality Enhancement Specialists.

What is your position at CQL and what does that role encompass?

As a CQL Quality Enhancement Specialist, I complete Inter-Rater Reliability (IRR) Assessments for Personal Outcome Measures® Certification and participate in CQL Accreditations.

Why did you decide to get involved in the human services field?

I love working with people, and I love dreams. If I can help someone to move their dreams forward, that is my goal. For some people moving a dream forward is one small step or one connection, while for others, it may take a team effort. No matter how big or small, I love being part of that experience. I love helping people, but I want help to have meaning, and there is no greater meaning to someone than their personal dreams.

What is your professional history, background, and experience?

I started working in human services as a Direct Support Professional (DSP). I still remember my first day working in a group home setting, and I genuinely enjoyed every part of the work after being initially overwhelmed by what the job entailed. I somehow became a food services manager for the group home when I could barely cook a thing, but I learned by cooking with the people I supported, rather than for them. This was the best way to accomplish that goal. Otherwise, I am scared I would have burned the house down.

Through my direct care experience, I began learning about advocacy and individualized support. As I graduated with my bachelor’s degree from the University of North Dakota, I moved into a management role and learned about Personal Outcome Measures®. Like my first day as a DSP, I remember the room, the questions, and every piece of that learning experience. It has stuck with me for years, and I am just as passionate about them today.

As I grew professionally, I completed my master’s degree in Public Administration, and I moved to Indiana to work at Opportunities for Positive Growth, Inc. in Fishers, Indiana. I oversaw residential supports and during that time I joined CQL. I also completed my master’s degree in Organizational Leadership followed by my PhD in Public Policy.

Today, I work as a Chief Strategy Officer for Opportunities for Positive Growth, Inc. I continue to work for CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership. No matter where I am professionally, my heart remains as a DSP, and I serve as founder and Board President for the organization Help Over Hurdles, which is dedicated to ensuring DSPs stay in the field and provide a continuity of supports.

What are three skills you have that help you in your work?

  1. Dedication
  2. Time Management
  3. Organization

Is there anything you would like to share about yourself personally?

I am always looking forward. I am not one to sit still and wait, and I ask the question, “What’s Next?” This question can sometimes derail me from living in the present, so I continue to focus on that endeavor, because we can only control the here and now.

CQL Lightning Round!

What was your first job?

Cleaning an elementary school for 7 summers

What is the first concert that you ever attended?

Garth Brooks

What is one song that you are kind of embarrassed that you like?

Call Me Maybe

What is one item you can’t leave home without?


What is your favorite hobby?

Watching hockey

What is one city that you would like to visit?

Rome (been before, but would love to go back)

What is your favorite TV show?


What is your favorite food?

Buffalo Wild Wings

Who is a person that inspires you?

My Mom

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