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MMI Residential In Indiana Promotes Independence, Empowerment, And More!

By Betsy Burns, CQL Quality Enhancement Specialist

Robert, a person who receives services from MMI Residential, summarizes the organization by saying “this place is like paradise!” Supports that strengthen independence and advance the empowerment of people with developmental disabilities are at the heart of the agency’s work. MMI Residential, which is the residential program of Mephibosheth Ministries, embraces values like independence and empowerment – among many others – through the services they offer in Indiana.

In addition to these values, a number of others play out in practice at MMI Residential. As the lead reviewer of the organization’s most recent accreditation, I was able to experience specific examples where their services truly stood out.

When it comes to supporting people in money management, MMI Residential works with people to learn about money, develop an individualized budget, and control their personal finances. In recognizing the role of informal supports in people’s lives, the agency has created plans with people to identify and nurture natural support networks. MMI Residential also acknowledges the relationship between the quality of services and the quality of people’s lives. As a result of that acknowledgement, they invest in staff training about rights, dignity and respect, abuse and neglect, positive behavior supports, and others more broadly about best practices in services.

These values and practices have helped build a solid foundation for the organization since it was established more than two decades ago.

About Mephibosheth Ministries

Founded in 2000, Mephibosheth Ministries is a non-profit human services organization based out of Cicero, Indiana, which serves the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of people with disabilities. Mephibosheth Ministries supports people in several counties across the State, through four different programs. These include a day program named “The Way,” a Bible fellowship group, an overnight camp, and residential services, which is MMI Residential.

Logo for Mephibosheth Ministries

Mephibosheth Ministries is driven by their mission of “guiding people with developmental disabilities to live meaningful lives, anchored in the love of Christ” along with MMI Residential’s motto to “Believe, Embrace, and Empower” the people they support. The organization’s goals are also clear and admirable, touching on the importance of quality in their services, promotion of rights, advancement of independence, and commitment to dignity and respect, just to list a few.

Quality Assurances Accreditation Awarded to MMI Residential, Again

As we often say, CQL Accreditation isn’t easy, nor should it be. There is a lot of work involved, which is what makes it so meaningful. From planning calls, a Basic Assurances® self-assessment, visits where services are provided, document reviews, Personal Outcome Measures® interviews, various focus groups, and more, it is a thorough and demanding process.

MMI Residential has been accredited by CQL since 2015 and already successfully achieved two accreditation terms. So regardless of the extensive work that CQL Accreditation entails, they were well positioned to achieve yet again. And that’s exactly what happened!

On February 23, 2022, MMI Residential officially achieved CQL Quality Assurances Accreditation for the third time! The latest accomplishment sets off another three-year accreditation term where the organization will continue its journey to improve the quality of its services and support people to achieve their goals and dreams.

Learn More About MMI Residential

To gather a deeper understanding about MMI Residential and their efforts of ongoing organizational transformation, we asked Megan Moore-Stevens, Residential Director, and Cheryl Yoder, Director of Operations of MMI Residential, a few questions. You can find out about their agency and how their partnership with CQL aligns with their mission, vision, and values.

What are your goals and values as an organization?

MMI Residential’s goals are to empower people to live as independently as possible. We encourage each person to pursue their goals, advocate for their rights, and live a life they love. The people we support feel empowered and heard and we operate on the principle that each person can do anything they want in life.

Our driving motto is we will Believe, Embrace, and Empower each individual served. Our staff feel as if they are part of a family and part of a mission, rather than just a job.

“The people that we support are the best and their progress has flourished with our quality of supports. Success is huge with MMI, for everyone! It’s the best place I’ve ever worked.”

Sally Lewis, Direct Support Professional, MMI Residential

Why did you decide to pursue CQL Accreditation?

This was an easy decision for our organization. CQL’s person-first philosophy mirrors our beliefs and purpose. Yes, policy and procedures are important and a requirement. However, CQL, compared to other accreditation organizations, provides a main focus on quality supports and quality of life of each individual served.

How have the Basic Assurances® improved your systems and practices?

The Basic Assurances® have provided a framework to help us know the right things to measure. We chose to orient our quality manual around the Basic Assurances® to make sure that we are paying attention to all 46 indicators. By doing this, we are able to better evaluate the quality of our services and see areas we can improve.

What is one area of your organization that has improved as a result of your accreditation?

CQL has challenged us to think outside the box in many aspects, particularly in the area of restrictions and guardianship. Prior to CQL discussing these topics during a review, we had not thought to challenge guardianship or some restrictions that we previously thought of as necessary. Since our discussion, we have provided information to one family regarding supported decision-making and are reviewing this with all people. We are now more focused on determining how much a person can do for themselves.

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