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PORTAL Analytics: Provider Codes

Many human service providers offer services in a wide range of settings, yet may not know the impact that those settings are having on the person’s life. If people are live in Group Home A from your organization, how do their supports compare to those living in Group Home B? Do they experience relatively the same amount of continuity and security? Safety? Choice?

CQL’s PORTAL Data System can be used to analyze outcomes data across hundreds of different data elements, including organization’s different settings. This functionality allows users to filter through their data, based on where those services are provided or where a person lives, and then explore each outcome individually. The outcomes cover quality of life areas involving safety, security, rights, respect, relationships, health, employment, and more.

For example, if an organization that provides services in a large number of group homes wants to compare the supports they provide by home, they can use provider codes in PORTAL. To do so, they follow the procedure listed below and compare two of the houses they are interested in — Haworth House and Lowood House. The findings tell them that there are a number of disparities between the two houses. For example, people in Lowood House were supported to be free from abuse and neglect only 60% of the time, compared to 84% at the time at Haworth House. Another example is treated fairly, people at Haworth House had supports in place significantly more often for treated fairly than Lowood House (76% vs 31% respectively). Based on the PORTAL analysis, this organization discovers they need to look more into practices at Lowood House to examine why such disparities exist and how they can facilitate the outcomes of the people they serve.

Supports in Place – Haworth House

Supports in Place – Lowood House

Analytics By Provider Code: Tutorial Video

Analytics By Provider Code: Step-By-Step Directions

  1. Log in to your PORTAL account
  2. Click on the ‘Survey’ tab at the top of your screen
  3. Click ‘click here to begin’
  4. Select the POM Adult or Child/Youth depending on your preferences
  5. In your surveys (completed or forthcoming) enter your provider codes on the last page in the applicable question using a system of your choice. Submit surveys as you would normally do.
  6. Click on the ‘Analytics’ tab at the top of your screen
  7. Select the ‘SURVEYS’ analytical tool
  8. Select the ‘VIEWS Dashboard’ option
  9. Select the desired survey analytics view
  10. Under the ‘Question’ Dropdown box, choose ‘Notes – Provider Code’
  11. Under the ‘Answer’ Dropdown box, choose the desired code
  12. Select any additional filtering/sorting options (optional)
  13. Click on the ‘Filter’ button
  14. Scroll down to view data