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PORTAL Analytics: Residential and Day Services

Many human service providers offer residential and/or day services for people, yet may not know the impact that those services are having on the person’s life, or how they compare with people who are not receiving those services. If people are receiving residential supports from your organization, are they still choosing where and with whom they live? Are the less likely to make those decisions, than those who are not receiving residential supports? If people participate in your day services, are they less likely to interact with other members of the community, due to limited access and involvement outside of that environment?

CQL’s PORTAL Data System can be used to analyze outcomes data across hundreds of different data elements, including residential and day services. This functionality allows users to filter through their data, based on if those services are provided or not, and then explore each outcome individually. The outcomes cover quality of life areas involving safety, security, rights, respect, relationships, health, employment, and more. PORTAL also has the ability to sort through data further, through additional fields like gender, age, and ethnicity.

For example, perhaps an organization that provides day services wants to examine how day services, particularly the day services their organization provides, impact peoples’ choices. To do so, they follow this procedure and look at the indicator that interests them – people choose where they work. The findings tell them that 23% of people who receive their day services have the choose where they work outcome present compared to 36% of people who do not receive their day services. Based on the PORTAL analysis, they discover they need to look more into their day services practices to examine how they can increase the choices of the people they serve.

Receive Their Day Services – People Choose Where They Work

Do Not Receive Their Day Services – People Choose Where They Work

Analytics By Residential And Day Services: Tutorial Video

Analytics By Residential And Day Services: Step-By-Step Directions

  1. Log in to your PORTAL account
  2. Click on the ‘Analytics’ tab at the top of your screen
  3. Select the ‘SURVEYS’ analytical tool
  4. Select the ‘VIEWS Dashboard’ option
  5. Select the desired survey analytics view
  6. Under the ‘Question’ Dropdown box, choose ‘Demo – Services Recv – Residential Org’ or choose ‘Demo – Services Recv – Day Program Org’
  7. Under the ‘Answer’ Dropdown box, choose the desired support level segment
  8. Select any additional filtering/sorting options (optional)
  9. Click on the ‘Filter’ button
  10. Scroll down to view outcomes data