Through more than two decades of administration, the Personal Outcome Measures® have been constantly revised through focus groups with people with disabilities, their families and other key stakeholders, along with pilot testing, a Delphi survey and feedback from advisory groups. Based on these findings, CQL introduced a revised edition of the Personal Outcome Measures® in 2005, which was organized into three factors: My Self, My World, and My Dreams. In 2009, the Personal Outcome Measures® was updated again to include new decision-making questions that characterize excellence in person-centered supports and promote quality of life.

Personal Outcome Measures®: Reliability and Validity

As a data-driven organization, we continuously strive to maximize the reliability and validity of our tools to reflect the real-world changes in quality of life for people who receive human services and supports, as well as ever-changing service systems.

This report serves as an update to the reliability and validity of the Personal Outcome Measures®. Based on advanced statistical analyses, our newly revised edition of the Personal Outcome Measures® (2017) contains 21 indicators organized into five factors:

Personal Outcome Measures®: The 5 Factors

  1. My Human Security
  2. My Community
  3. My Relationships
  4. My Choices
  5. My Goals