During the Personal Outcome Measures® discovery process it is important to collect information about the outcomes in people’s lives and the supports that help people in achieving those outcomes. This free information-gathering form helps interviewers in recording and organizing feedback and responses shared during the interview. It is organized by the five factors, with space for collecting details about each indicator, and designating if the outcome or support is present in the person’s life.

Personal Outcome Measures®: The 5 Factors

  1. My Human Security
  2. My Community
  3. My Relationships
  4. My Choices
  5. My Goals

The PORTAL Data System

The feedback included on the form can then be entered into the PORTAL Data System at a later time. PORTAL is a secure online data system that incorporates CQL’s internationally-recognized Personal Outcome Measures® and Basic Assurances®, to collect and evaluate data about individually-defined outcomes and organizational supports. The data can be analyzed at the individual, organizational, and national level across hundreds of different data elements, including diagnoses, residential setting, race, gender, geographical location, decision-making authority, age, and more.