This ‘Tips For Speakers’ guide is designed for self-advocates and allies to assist in making effective presentations to a wide range of audiences. First, the ‘Summary of Tips’ gives a short list of tips on how to be an effective public speaker when giving presentations. Then for each of the tips, the guide gives more in-depth advice. At the end of the booklet, a special section provides information for meeting specifically with lawmakers.

Summary Of Tips for Speakers

  1. Welcome and greet your audience
  2. Presume competence of your audience
  3. Use plain English
  4. Keep your focus on the goals of your presentation
  5. Use people-first language
  6. Use personal stories
  7. Keep your opinions to yourself
  8. Make your presentation interactive
  9. Practice aloud with all the other presenters
  10. Get to your presentation site early
  11. Engage your audience with strong speaking skills
  12. Be sure to plan for questions and breaks
  13. Be prepared for challenging situations

Tips for Speakers Authors

The booklet was developed by Nicole LeBlanc as part of her work with CQL | The Council on Quality Leadership and through a grant with the Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities. It is intended to serve as a guide for self-advocates. The information reflects the core values of the self-advocacy movement.