Personal Outcome Measures manual

CQL is in the process of updating the Personal Outcome Measures® Manual to reflect a reorganization of the indicators within 5 new factors. Due to this, you can no longer purchase the current manual. The new manual will be made available in 2021.

Personal Outcome Measures® focus on children and youth achieving their outcomes rather than determining whether the social welfare and juvenile justice systems are performing adequately. The definition and measurement of child and youth outcomes is complicated by three factors — age, choice and the courts. Personal Outcomes Measures® enable us to learn about the whole person in new and different ways, while providing a guide for person-centered planning.

Applying The Personal Outcome Measures®

There are suggested questions on the information gathering page for each outcome, that enables the organization to identify people’s priorities. These factor in choice, decision-making, rights, responsibilities, as well as the youth’s level of maturity. Organizational planning, resource allocation and evaluation also change with outcomes, moving from providing programs and services to supporting people to achieve outcomes that are important to them. This manual also includes a Practice Guidance that offers an introduction to the organizational processes and supports that, when individualized for each child and youth, facilitate personal outcomes.

Inside the Personal Outcome Measures® Manual:

  • View detailed descriptions about the POM factors and indicators
  • Receive clear guidance about the entire POM process involving children and youth
  • Adapt information-gathering and decision-making approaches for children and youth
  • Discover techniques for interviewing and measurement