CQL’s Shared Values ensure accountability related to your interactions with people. Shared values and beliefs about people shape expectations. Organizational values drive organizational behavior. They influence management decisions, organizational priorities and the character of the workforce. Most organizational decisions related to budget, human resource or regulatory matters are ultimately decisions about values – what people and organizations believe are important.

Inside the Shared Values Manual:

  • View detailed descriptions about the Shared Values factors, indicators, and probes
  • Learn about the collective values of people and communities, that have come together to accomplish the work of the organization
  • Find out how to develop policy and procedures to promote dignity and worth, legal and human rights, self-determination and choice
  • Discover how to incorporate values that support the attainment of personal outcomes and individual quality of life

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Shared Values Factors

  1. Dignity and Worth
  2. Legal and Human Rights
  3. Self-Determination and Choice
  4. Community Settings
  5. Social Capital
  6. Community Partnerships
  7. Shared Leadership
  8. Continuous Learning
  9. Open Communication
  10. Continuous Improvement