An Overview Of the Evesham Township Accessibility Survey Project

Who Is Involved?

This project is the result of a collaboration between CQL and the Evesham Township municipality.

When Did It Start?

In 2021, three different online surveys were conducted and a summary report was complied following the completion of the surveys.

What Is The Project?

We conducted online surveys with people with disabilities and their families, nondisabled community members, and employees of the municipality.

Why Was It Created?

Evesham Township wanted to create a more inclusive community for people with disabilities in the Township.

Where Is The Impact?

The surveys occurred across Evesham Township in New Jersey.

How Does It Help The Field?

The findings from the surveys provide guidance regarding accessibility and inclusion of people with disabilities in the Township.

Inside The Evesham Township Accessibility Survey Project

The Evesham Township municipality received a grant from the New Jersey Inclusive Healthy Communities (IHC) Grant Program to create a more inclusive community for people with disabilities in the Township. As part of that grant, CQL surveyed the Township community about accessibility and inclusion.


This study involved three online surveys targeting three different audiences:

  1. Survey for people with disabilities and their families about the accessibility of the Evesham Township community;
  2. Survey for nondisabled community members about their familiarity with, and favoritism towards, disability accessibility; and,
  3. Survey for people who are employed in departments of the Evesham Township municipality about their work with people with disabilities.


CQL designed the survey content based on best practices in accessibility, universal design, and inclusion. A person with a disability who is an expert in urban design, and inclusive infrastructure, reviewed the surveys and provided feedback.


Participants were recruited via information distributed by the municipality through their newsletter and social media. The survey for municipality employees was forwarded to them directly via email. CQL was available to support people to complete the surveys; paper copies of the surveys were also distributed to facilitate accessibility. In total, 483 people participated in the surveys.


Quantitative data were analyzed with descriptive statistics. Qualitative data were analyzed using thematic analysis and are presented in terms of major and minor themes.

Evesham Township Accessibility Survey Partners

This research project was initiated through a partnership with the Evesham Township Municipality.

Evesham Township

Evesham Township is a township of about 45,000 residents in Burlington County, New Jersey.


Evesham Township

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