CQL Certification establishes you as an in-house expert involving the use of Personal Outcome Measures® within your organization. When you achieve CQL Interviewer Certification you will be equipped with the tools and knowledge to discover what really matters in the lives of the people you support, by conducting Personal Outcome Measures® interviews and making accurate determinations about the presence of outcomes and supports in a person’s life. By achieving CQL Trainer Certification, you will be able to carry out Personal Outcome Measures® Assessment Workshops within your organization, educating your colleagues about the tool and how to use it for person-centered discovery.

In this webinar by CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership, you will learn about the changes being made to CQL Certification. In order to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and overall user experience, CQL is adjusting the certification terms and reporting requirements in order to maintain CQL Certification.

In This Webinar

  • Overview of CQL’s Personal Outcome Measures®
  • Importance of CQL Interviewer Certification and CQL Trainer Certification
  • Changes being made to the CQL Certification terms
  • New requirements for maintaining CQL Certification
  • Connection to decision-making, data, and the PORTAL System
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Cathy Yadamec

Cathy brings 35 years of experience with strong project management, data, quality assurance, and training skills. These skills are match by her ability to meld local experiences with a national perspective.

Cathy Yadamec