Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) are critical for the community integration of people with disabilities. Not only are DSPs key to the quality support of millions of people in the United States, but a lack of staff can also keep people from going into and being integrated in the community. In addition to impacting the growth and sustainability of community services, “a competent and stable workforce is a quality indicator in the lives of people with IDD” .

This webinar will examine research from over 1,300 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) about the relationship between DSPs and people with IDD’s quality of life.

We’ll look at the impact of DSP turnover on outcomes of people with IDD as well as organizations’ ability to provide supports. We also examine who is most likely to be impacted by DSP turnover – those areas that can be targeted for additional supports to help maintain DSP placement and reduce DSP turnover.

In This Webinar

  • Overview of DSP turnover
  • Effect on quality of life outcomes
  • Impact on organizational supports
  • Insight into improving retention rates

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Carli Friedman, Ph.D.

CQL Director of Research


Carli Friedman, Ph.D., oversees all CQL data analyses and research projects, along with providing consultation about quality enhancement. Carli’s research examines quality of life, community integration, social determinants of health, and ableism.


Carli Friedman, Ph.D.

CQL Director of Research