With the Personal Outcome Measures® (POM), 21 indicators are used to understand the presence, importance, and achievement of outcomes and presence of supports involving choice, health, safety, social capital, rights, goals, dreams, employment, and more.

Provider organizations in Canada use the Personal Outcome Measures® to improve quality of life for people, and improve service quality at the organizational level. In this webinar, representatives from organizations will discuss their use of the POM, the relationship between interview results and planning processes, data collection and integration, and stories of people that have been positively impacted through the use of Personal Outcome Measures®.

In This Webinar

  • CQL’s Personal Outcome Measures®
  • Common challenges people face
  • Answers to difficult questions
  • Clarity involving POM decision-making
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Michael Clausen

CQL Quality Enhancement Specialist


Michael Clausen has been improving the quality of services for people with disabilities since 2002. His experience includes Direct Support, Case Management, Quality Enhancement, Compliance, Staff Development, Community Outreach, and supporting people with psychiatric and forensic backgrounds.


Michael Clausen