CQL has developed updated materials for those who have achieved CQL Personal Outcome Measures® (POM) Trainer Certification. These include a new Personal Outcome Measures® Workshop Workbook, PowerPoint presentation, Trainer’s Agenda, and webpage devoted to sharing Trainer Certification information and resources.

In this webinar, we share an overview of the new training materials and provide guidance about their use. Topics will include details on the most significant changes, how these materials can be incorporated into future POM Workshops, and where Certified Trainers can find additional support. We will also share the steps Certified Trainers can take to get their hands on the new (free) materials.

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Angela Rapp Kennedy

CQL Vice President of Systems Transformation


Angela Rapp Kennedy supervises CQL’s special projects, state contracts, quality assurance and improvement efforts, business and professional development activities for the organization, as well as directs and manages training offerings and ongoing education.


Angela Rapp Kennedy