PORTAL: An Overview

Watch this video for information about the utilization of data in quality enhancements, and the benefits of PORTAL Data System for collecting and measuring outcomes.

PORTAL: Working With Surveys

Find out how to enter new surveys or edit existing surveys within PORTAL, involving Personal Outcome Measures® interviews.

PORTAL: Adding New Users

Discover how data system administrators can add new employees as users of PORTAL.

Basic Assurances® Self-Assessment Analytics Features

See some of the templates available in PORTAL, for the analysis of Basic Assurances® Self-Assessment data.

PORTAL: Analytics Capabilities

View the various analytics capabilities within PORTAL, involving online dashboards, templates, sorting, filtering and more.

PORTAL: Sorting By Various Data Elements

The following video playlist shares informational videos that educate PORTAL users about how to sort and evaluate outcomes based on various data elements, including support needs, decision-making authority, certification status, and more.

PORTAL: Reporting Options

Learn how to run reports in PORTAL, and export into other file formats.


Carli Friedman, Ph.D.

CQL Director of Research


Carli Friedman, Ph.D., oversees all CQL data analyses and research projects, along with providing consultation about quality enhancement. Carli’s research examines quality of life, community integration, social determinants of health, and ableism.


Carli Friedman, Ph.D.