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OCT 19
11:00am - 12:30pm CT

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Human Rights Committees (HRCs) help ensure that the rights of people with disabilities who receive services are protected, promoted, and supported. As we all know, our aspirations in setting out to create new initiatives, enact impactful change, and help make a difference in people’s lives can often be difficult to put into practice. HRCs are no different, which is why we’re excited to share how some organizations have established and maintained successful, vibrant HRCs, meeting challenges, and discovering some valuable lessons.

This webinar ‘Real Life Human Rights Committees In Practice,’ highlights a variety of organizations who have built successful HRCs based on the principles that we laid out in the August 2023 webinar, ‘The ‘Right’ To An Effective Human Rights Committee.’

You’ll hear directly from numerous provider organizations that have implemented and maintained effective HRCs. Join us as, rather than a presentation, we have great conversations with our panelists covering a wide range of topics, including steps for supporting people receiving services to be active HRC members, tips for integrating other committees into the efforts of your HRC, and guidance to keeping your HRC strong – just to list a few. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn, be encouraged, and get your questions answered!

Webinar Panelists

Please note that this webinar is 1.5 hours long.

CQL will be using Zoom’s built-in live transcription (closed captioning) features during the webinar. If you need any additional reasonable accommodations, you can share those in the registration form below. Any requests need to be submitted at least two weeks prior to the date of the webinar.


Angela Rapp Kennedy

CQL Vice President of Special Projects


Angela Rapp Kennedy oversees CQL’s state partnerships and consultation, along with training solutions and resource development. Angela will also help lead business and professional development activities for the organization.


Angela Rapp Kennedy