This free webinar presented by CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership, explains what reliability means statistically, including how it differs from validity. We address how CQL attends to reliability, and who is considered to be a certified/reliable interviewer. Finally, there is a tutorial showing how organizations can explore the reliability of their data in CQL’s PORTAL Data System.

In This Webinar

  • The statistical basis for the term reliability
  • Differences between reliability and validity
  • What reliability means to CQL and its partners
  • Information about CQL Certification
  • Brief overview of CQL’s PORTAL Data System
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Carli Friedman, Ph.D.

CQL Director of Research


Carli Friedman, Ph.D., oversees all CQL data analysis and research projects, along with providing consultation about the impact of services. Carli’s research explores the facilitation of quality of life of people with disabilities and examines the impact of organizations on quality enhancement.


Carli Friedman, Ph.D.