The human services field is rooted in compliance-based models that are built on evaluations and assessments. With this model, shortcomings and weaknesses are provided much greater attention than the assets and proficiencies of an organization. It can be difficult to focus on best practice and possibility for the future when faced with myriad day-to-day challenges and hardships.

Appreciative Inquiry is a transformational process to enact positive change and is used across all sorts of industries, with origins outside of the human services field. It shifts the outlook from a deficiency-driven approach where the spotlight is on problems and what’s not working. Instead, it focuses on identifying and amplifying an organization’s strengths, and applies lessons learned from those strengths to areas where there is opportunity to improve.

Appreciative Inquiry focuses on strengths versus weaknesses to turn perceived deficiencies into innovation. Join us in the webinar ‘Using Appreciative Inquiry to Shift Culture and Spark Transformation,’ as we explore what Appreciative Inquiry is, why it’s important, and how it can be used by provider organizations. You should attend this presentation if you’re looking for a fresh approach to shift your culture and spark transformation!

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Angela Rapp Kennedy

CQL Vice President of Special Projects


Angela Rapp Kennedy oversees CQL’s state partnerships and consultation, along with training solutions and resource development. Angela will also help lead business and professional development activities for the organization.


Angela Rapp Kennedy