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Graphic Introducing Organizational TransformationCQL has long been at the leading edge of defining, measuring and improving the personal quality of life for people receiving human services and supports.  For over 30 years, CQL has helped shape how services are provided by ensuring individuals accessing those services are at the core.  Across each of CQL's services, individuals remain at the core of why this work is completed and shape how the work is completed.

CQL strives to provide its clients with the highest quality, most efficient and comprehensive services possible.  CQL is no longer just an accreditation body -- it is far more.  Clients of CQL have access to a highly qualified team capable of assisting provider agencies, State agencies, and others with a wide variety of services to help them improve and maintain high quality care and services for the individuals they support.  Taken together, CQL's services work cohesively to truly promote organizational transformation in human services. 

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Since its inception over 40 years ago, CQL has worked with service provider organizations to provide high-quality, person-centered accreditation.  CQL's holistic approach to accreditation aims to ensure that provider staff and facilities meet requirements for health and safety in care, but beyond that, helps to develop policies, procedures, and practices that push organizations to increase inclusion, personalized, and appropriate supports.  CQL has lead the field in re-thinking the purpose and value of accreditation by moving past the traditional, rubber stamp, medical model to accreditation toward a model which recognizes and supports the intricacies of services and supports within provider agencies and measures the outcome of supports on those accessing the service system.

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Staff development and training is key to enhancing organizational culture that is progressive, person-centered, and agile.  Further, research shows that providing opportunity and support for staff to continue their work related education increases staff retention rates.  CQL offers a portfolio of training and certification programs aimed at helping your staff take the next step in their roles within your organization.  These training and certification services cover everything from Personal Outcome Measures® interviewing to data analysis and interpretation.  Further, training can be customized to ensure that the content covered best aligns with the needs of your staff.

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CQL’s consulting staff are skilled in designing creative, responsive, and accountable systems and services to meet the needs of the people you support. Staff are thoroughly experienced in the real day-to-day challenges that you face.  CQL works with all types of organizations – large and small; public and private; local and national government; networks and single providers.  

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For over 20 years, CQL has collected and managed an international, reliable database of Personal Outcome Measures® data.  The data included in this database comes from interviews conducted by CQL staff certified in the Personal Outcome Measures® and provides invaluable information about the outcomes achieved and supports in place for individuals accessing services.  In 2014, CQL began the development of a new data collection system which increases the amount of information available for analysis from the Personal Outcome Measures® interview.  CQL is pleased to provide access to this data collection system to organizations of all sizes and structures as a comprehensive Personal Outcome Measures® repository.  Beyond data collection, the data system also provides organizations with automatically generated reports to measure their performance as related to the Personal Outcome Measures®.  

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