CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership

The CQL Difference

There are easier paths to accreditation, training and certification. What sets CQL apart is the long-lasting impact our work has on human service organizations, and especially the people they support. 

Change inspires us. 

"Self-Advocates are STILL BUZZING about their experience."

- Ontario ARC

Putting a plaque on your wall isn't our mission. We're here to help you transform your organization. Excellence is a journey.

Data drives us. 

You wouldn't create a budget without crunching numbers. We work the same way. Our data collection and analysis will set you above the rest.

People define us. 

Outcomes are established the right way. State agencies will see it, your employees will love it and the people you support will live it.

What Really Matters To CQL

Attention To Excellence

CQL is recognized as a respected international leader that has redefined what excellence in person-centered services and supports looks like in action.

Person-Centered Perspective

CQL defines and measures quality from the person’s perspective through the use of our ground breaking Personal Outcome Measures(R) assessment.

Inclusive Offering

CQL accreditation, certification and consultation services apply to all human service organizations, including those supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, people with mental illness, people with substance use disorder, older adults and people with physical disabilities. We strive to engage a wide range of organizational stakeholders and focus on shared learning.

Systems Approach

CQL stresses an integrated approach to quality management. We focus on empowering organizations to streamline information, make sense of their data and to base decisions on learning that occurs as a result of analysis. 


At CQL, we believe that quality is a moving target. We work with organizations to determine the current status of performance. We then provide recommendations, resources and feedback to drive continued improvement and development.

Focus on Solutions

CQL staff are trained in the concepts of Appreciative Inquiry. We focus on helping organizations to discover their unique strengths and talents as well as their opportunities for improvement. Together, we discover what is possible, dream about what could be better, design a plan to enhance organizational performance and create a new destiny.

WHAT Really Matters To You

While these are words we live by, we know words alone won't solve your problems. Take a look at just some of the solutions we have for the serious challenges human service organizations face.




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