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The POST App (Personal Outcome Screening Tool) Image of iPAD with POST Appfor iPads, is an interactive, user-friendly app that provides a snapshot view of a person’s quality of life. The app was developed so that individuals receiving supports can actively engage in completing the questionnaire, either independently or supported by others.

The POST App uses easy-to-understand language, images and a touch screen. Specifically, it creates an opportunity for people to explore 21 quality-of-life outcomes, assess whether these outcomes are important to the individual, and what level of success they are having in achieving these outcomes. 

$74.99 per download

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Each topic is framed using two key questions:

  • How is it going for you right now, when it comes to...

  • How important is it right now, that you...



The POST app, is a useful and meaningful springboard for person-centered planning, and setting priorities for future services and supports. Organizations using the POST can also directly gather aggregate information from the POST database. With this information, an organization can spot trends in service gaps and successes, to better inform organizational change and improvement. The CQL POST App does not require an internet connection to administer surveys and record data. It will store the data until the next time the iPad is connected, and will then upload it to the cloud service.

Sample of POST Report

Download Sample of POST App Report

Some of the topics covered:

  • Relationships

  • Safety

  • Employment

  • Health
  • Finances

  • Privacy

  • Inclusion

  • Respect


 The CQL POST App Survey Pricing

After purchasing the CQL POST through the App store, there is no additional cost or obligation to complete up to 15 free surveys. After the 15 free trial surveys, organization will have the opportunity to purchase surveys, under a tiered pricing system. If you have questions about rates for quantities above 9,999 or want to set up quarterly billing, please contact: AbleLink Technologies

1-499 surveys $5.00 per survey taken
500-999 surveys $4.00 per survey taken
1,000-4,999 surveys $3.00 per survey taken
5,000-9,999 surveys $2.00 per survey taken
10,0000+ surveys $1.00 per survey taken




 About AbleLink Technologies, Inc. and ATLAS

The POST App technology has been developed by AbleLink Technologies, Inc. using their research-based cognitively accessible survey system, ATLAS (Accessible Testing Learning and Assessment System).  ATLAS was developed in part through research funding provided by the U.S. Department of Education’s National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR).  AbleLink is a pioneer and national leader in the development of technology-based innovations which use a person-centered design philosophy to enable individuals with cognitive disabilities to live a more self-determined and fulfilled life.  For more information on AbleLink’s cognitive technology research and development, visit www.ablelinktech.com or for more specific information the ATLAS survey system, visit http://www.ablelinktech.com/index.php?id=141 

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The POST App is an instrument derived from the foundations of Personal Outcome Measures®. The POST App can quickly determine what the person deems important in certain areas of their life and help identify supports to improve quality of life. If you are interested in a comprehensive assessment instrument, the Personal Outcome Measures® will more fully explore details about the person’s priorities, how they're being achieved, served or under-served. 

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