Inside The PORTAL Data System

In the human services field, it is critical that organizations use data to drive decision-making, evaluate the impact of supports, and monitor progress of initiatives. PORTAL offers an intuitive online platform to collect data, track quality enhancement efforts, and disseminate findings.

What Is The PORTAL Data System?

PORTAL is a secure online data system that incorporates CQL’s internationally-recognized Personal Outcome Measures® and Basic Assurances®, to collect and evaluate data about individually-defined outcomes and organizational supports. The data can be analyzed at the individual, organizational, and national level across hundreds of different data elements, including diagnoses, residential setting, race, gender, geographical location, decision-making authority, age, and more.

Why Is The PORTAL Data System Important?

Organizations help write person-centered plans, develop strategic plans, and launch new initiatives without the ability to evaluate effectiveness. As organizations face constraints in time, money, and other resources, it is critical to provide evidence in decision-making. The collection of data and resulting reports available through the PORTAL Data System, will assist organizations in making sound decisions to improve the quality of supports and quality of people’s lives.

"We’re using PORTAL because you can’t make sweeping changes, if you don’t pull all that information and look at it."

Suzy Davis, I Am Boundless

"With data our organization is able to make decisions that will benefit each person we support."

Dori Leslie, CHI Friendship

"We plan with that data, everything from our staff training to how we budget our funds."

Kim Zoeller, Ray Graham Association

PORTAL Data System Components

Data Entry

This streamlined platform allows users to input Personal Outcome Measures® and Basic Assurances® data into PORTAL, with ‘save and continue’ functionality for gradual data entry.


A variety of charts, graphs, and tables display data that is insightful for organizations looking to better understand the quality of people’s lives and the impact of services.


Through a variety of reporting options, organizations can explore data that is actually meaningful to them. The reports can then be exported to Excel, SPSS, and PDF file formats.


Organizations can evaluate data between different locations where services are provided, delve into it across demographics, or compare it to nationally-available aggregate data.


PORTAL offers free access for organizations that achieved CQL Accreditation, or paid access for those who have achieved CQL Certification or participated in a POM Workshop.


There are numerous customization capabilities through the PORTAL Data System with a ‘build your own report’ feature for organizations to evaluate data to address their unique needs.

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Analytics Capabilities

Through PORTAL, data can be evaluated across hundreds of different data elements. To assist organizations, the following articles share just some of the ways to analyze data.

PORTAL Access Process

From requesting access to setting up your account, the steps below provide a broad overview of what you can expect in accessing the PORTAL Data System.


Determine Eligibility

Only organizations actively involved in CQL Accreditation, CQL Certification, or POM Workshops are eligible.


Request Access

Those who have engaged in CQL Certification or POM Workshops need to fill out the Request Access online form.


Access Approval

CQL will review the Request Access form, verify eligibility status, and follow up with the PORTAL applicant.


Make Payment

You can purchase an annual subscription for $1,250. Access is free for accredited organizations.


Login Credentials

Following payment, CQL provides the organization and its users with login credentials to the PORTAL Data System.


Utilize PORTAL

Organizations can use PORTAL to collect data, conduct analysis, and run reports about outcomes and supports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to access PORTAL?

To maintain the integrity of the system and its data, access to PORTAL is exclusively limited to organizations and systems utilizing CQL Accreditation or CQL Certification, along with those who have participated in a Personal Outcome Measures® Workshop. For organizations that have achieved CQL Accreditation, access to PORTAL is included in the overall accreditation costs for the duration of the accreditation term.

Where can I receive technical assistance?

CQL provides complimentary technical assistance for PORTAL subscribers, including basic troubleshooting, reporting support, overall navigation/utilization, and more. For in-depth or customized technical assistance, CQL can offer on-site or online support. Depending on the duration of the support or specific needs of the customer, this type of technical assistance may involve a fee. Please contact CQL’s data email for more information.

How do I request access to PORTAL?

Those who have achieved CQL Certification or participated in a Personal Outcome Measures® Workshop can fill out the Request Access form. Upon review of the organization’s status involving CQL services, they will be provided with a link to purchase a subscription for $1,250 per year, which can be renewed. Accredited organizations do not need to fill out the form, as PORTAL access is included in the accreditation, for the duration of the accreditation term.

How do I login to PORTAL?

You can log in to the PORTAL Data System platform and enter your unique username and password. If you can not remember your password, you can reset your password, to acquire a new password. Accredited agencies should have already received login credentials following their accreditation. If an organization does not believe they have received login credentials, please contact CQL.

Where can I find user guides for PORTAL?

CQL has produced user guides for the inputting, analyzing, and reporting of data using CQL’s internationally-recognized tools:

What are the security standards for PORTAL?

PORTAL offers users a secure platform for inputting and storing data as well as the ability to run statistical reports to withdraw information from the data. However, given the type and scope of information being collected, it is critical to ensure data remains secure at all times. This security document outlines the protocols for the PORTAL Data System as well as CQL’s internal protocols to ensure data security. Lastly, it provides an overview of steps users of the database should take when downloading the data to ensure security on their end.

PORTAL is built using the Rennroc database system, which is designed with a highly-configurable security model in that every user, site object, and data point has a specific and customizable security profile. This allows for any security access requirement to be applied at any level within the site.