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Interviewer Certification

The Interviewer Certification program offers a process for organizations to increase the value and reliability of internal data collection on Personal Outcomes. Interviewer preparation includes the achievement of inter-rater reliability between interviewer candidates and CQL staff. 


  • 2-year certification term
  • Learn to conduct valid and reliable Personal Outcome Measures® interviews
  • Explore how to create a reliable database


Each step of the Interviewer Certification process builds upon the skills mastered in the previous step:

Step 1: Introduction to the Personal Outcome Measures®

Participate in a four-day assessment workshop — an introduction to the process of meeting with people with disabilities using the Personal Outcome Measures®.

Step 2: Coaching

Observe the CQL staff conduct an interview and follow-up activities with the Personal Outcome Measures®, followed by a debriefing and decision-making session. These steps are then repeated, but it’s your turn to interview with coaching and support from the CQL staff. You have two options for practice either before or after this step. You may have conducted an interview and follow-up activities prior to the Coaching step. During the coaching session, you will share your findings and discuss your experience. Or, you might conduct a practice interview with the CQL staff person. During this step, the CQL staff will be with you while you complete an interview and follow-up activities. The CQL staff will coach you in gathering information and making decisions.

Step 3: Reliability Assessment

Conduct an interview and follow-up activities while CQL staff observes so that each of you can make determinations about the outcomes independently. The criteria for certification is an 85% agreement with the CQL staff’s outcomes decisions.

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