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Trainer Certification

Trainer Certification helps your organization develop a culture of person-centeredness. Not only do you benefit by having in-house “experts” available for year round training, other members of your staff receive hands-on training with CQL consultants. Also, the 14 days of on-site training and consultation are just the beginning of the support provided by CQL staff.


  • 2-year certification term
  • Discover how to present POMs Assessment Workshops
  • Educate other employees about using the POMs


Each step of the Trainer Certification process builds upon the skills mastered in the previous step. The steps allow you to tailor your expertise in the Personal Outcome Measures®.

Step 1: Introduction to the Personal Outcome Measures®

Participate in a four-day assessment workshop — an introduction to the process of meeting with people with disabilities using the Personal Outcome Measures®.

Step 2: Coaching & Observation

Observe the CQL trainer to become familiar with the logistics and skills required to guide other participants through the assessment process.

Step 3: Reliability

Conduct an interview and follow-up activities while CQL staff observes so that each of you can make determinations about the outcomes independently. The criteria for certification is an 85% agreement with the CQL staff’s outcomes decisions.

Also, spend a day preparing to conduct the four-day assessment workshop.

Step 4: Conduct the Training for Certification

Conduct a Personal Outcomes Measures®. Assessment Workshop with CQL staff providing coaching, monitoring and evaluation for certification.


For pricing, scheduling or other questions:

Mail Image/Icon   training@thecouncil.org

Phone Image/Icon   410.583.0060

Other Training Options:

• Interviewer Certification

• Assessment Workshop

• Person-Centered Planning