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Supported Decision Making

Have you ever bought a car, accepted a job offer, or chosen where you want to live? Did you ask others for feedback about that decision? We rarely make decisions without talking to a friend, getting advice from an expert or insight from a family member. Consulting with those you trust is essential to making sound decisions, and you can strengthen self-determination in the lives of the people you support, through supported decision making.

Training Overview:

  • 1-day workshop
  • Essential components of supported decision making
  • Designed for management, quality assurance teams and direct support professionals

In the Supported Decision Making training, you will gain a deeper knowledge of supported decision making, why it’s important and how it can be effective in your organization. You will leave the workshop with clear ideas of how supported decision making can work at an individual, organizational and systems-wide level.

What You Will Experience:

  • Presentation about supported decision making
  • Distinction between supported decision making and guardianship
  • Connection to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities
  • Best practices and specific examples of where supported decision making is working
  • Next steps for you to utilize the supported decision making process



The cost to have this on-site training conducted at your organization is $1,750. The costs for travel and lodging are not included in this listed pricing, and organizations will be billed for these expenses in addition to the training cost. Prices are subject to change.


For scheduling or other questions:

Mail Image/Icon   training@thecouncil.org

Phone Image/Icon   410.583.0060

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