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Investing in the professional development of employees builds internal expertise that has a direct impact on people receiving supports, in very practical ways. CQL offers numerous on-site workshops, one-day trainings, and seminars across the country, where attendees receive in-depth information about a wide range of topics to transform services.

Why Is CQL Training Important?

CQL draws upon decades of extensive experience from our team to share leading philosophies and emerging practices to improve the lives of people supported. Our training options focus on equipping your staff and your organization with tools to deliver the highest quality of services possible. Staff development is a clear statement that people matter, employees are important, and the quality of supports being provided make a difference.

What Does CQL Training Entail?

We know that organizations have unique needs to be addressed. CQL works to confront this with solutions that positively impact the lives of youth, adults, and older adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and psychiatric disabilities. Our trainers utilize interactive activities, impactful data, vibrant discussion, dynamic presentations, and more, to educate and inform attendees about the very best in human services.

"Allen, who completed a Personal Outcome Measures® Workshop, was able to explore what's most important to Carl."

Susan Arwood, Core Services of Northeast Tennessee

"CQL is absolutely the reason why we are now thinking differently, and better!"

Michele Quigley, United Cerebral Palsy of New York City

"CHI Friendship understands that the more educated their staff are, the better their staff will be."

Ryan Orcutt, CHI Friendship

"We learned a more in-depth approach on how to educate people on their rights."

Bethany Young, The Arc of Natrona County

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Benefits of CQL Training

Promote Best Practices

Innovative approaches at agencies will drive holistic transformation to strengthen services, improve culture, and positively impact people’s lives.

Advance Knowledge

An investment in the expertise of support staff builds their capacity for providing exemplary supports and spreading that insight organization-wide.

Empower Employees

Organizations can show its appreciation for their employees, demonstrate value in their work, and support them to be more successful on the job.

Improve Quality of Life

People receiving supports can be certain that their lives are the focus of organizations, and the services that they receive are of the highest quality.

Enhance Skills

Building the practical abilities of employees is essential for them to carry out the mission, vision, and values of the organizations where they work.

Distinguish Your Organization

When providing the best services possible, it’s imperative that organizations take action to equip its employees and set itself apart among other agencies.

CQL Training Options

CQL Training covers a wide variety of topics including outcomes, rights, communication, community-building, supported decision-making, and more. Organizations that are pursuing or have achieved CQL Accreditation can take advantage of a 5% discount on the costs of CQL training.

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