About CQL-Hosted Training

CQL-hosted training offers fresh approaches, innovative solutions, and practical guidance for stakeholders engaged in the human services field who are looking to build upon their expertise and skills.

An Overview

CQL-hosted training addresses a number of issues important to the human services field, including topics such as rights, community, outcomes, and more. With these offerings, disability professionals, people receiving services, family members, and others are able to register and attend sessions individually. Through single-day, multi-part, and week-long events, participants can gain deeper insight to transform services and improve lives.

Getting Started

Our training options can help you meet your personal and professional goals. Each training page includes descriptions, learning objectives, event policies, etc. There is also a link to a registration form to sign up and submit payment. Registrants from organizations that are pursuing or have achieved CQL Accreditation can receive a 5% discount. To obtain the discount, please contact CQL prior to registering so we can provide a coupon code.

"The virtual format allowed for flexibility and comfort while still being connected within the group."

Erica Giaimo, Welcome House Inc.

Benefits of CQL-Hosted Training

Spread Best Practices

CQL-hosted training can improve your delivery of high-quality services, which has a compounding effect on people supported and your colleagues.

Advance Knowledge

Participating in training will expand your expertise in the human services field and provide you with the information you need to grow in your role.

Empower Employees

Through professional development opportunities, you will have the tools and proficiency to be confident and successful in your position.

Enhance Skillsets

CQL-hosted training includes specific guidance, numerous beneficial resources, and various practical tools that will help you in expanding your skills.

Improve Lives

You will be enhancing the lives of people receiving services through newly discovered philosophies and strategies that are shared in the CQL-hosted training.

Distinguish Your Agency

In strengthening your expertise and skills, you are positioning your organization as a premiere provider of supports and services for people with disabilities.

Virtual POM Workshops

CQL hosts numerous 5-day Virtual Personal Outcome Measures® (POM) Workshops throughout the year.

View Workshops

In our 5-day Virtual Personal Outcome Measures® Workshops, you will start with the basics and leave being able to conduct actual interviews and collect baseline data. These virtual events include interactive components, lively activities, group collaboration, and more, to educate and empower attendees to effectively use the Personal Outcome Measures®.

CQL will show you the POM process, share how it will help in person-centered approaches, and reveal its relationship to person-centered planning and organizational strategic planning. Attendees will learn about decision-making with the POM, including the variables that could inform if outcomes and supports are present, along with common challenges you may face in making determinations.