About Organization-Hosted Training

Organization-hosted training presents provider agencies with an opportunity to deliver dynamic, engaging, and transformational professional development solutions - either in-person or virtually - to their employees.

An Overview

Organization-hosted training helps providers transform services on a large scale by offering professional development opportunities for employees. CQL has a wide range of training options available, which can then be tailored to align with each organization’s objectives. These cover topics such as person-centered approaches, building community, dignity of risk, Personal Outcome Measures®, Basic Assurances®, and others.

Getting Started

Organizations can explore the training offerings below. Each training page includes overview information, learning objectives, attendee capacity limits, pricing, etc. After identifying the desired training option, agencies then need to fill out the Training Inquiry Form and CQL will work with you on next steps. Organizations that are pursuing or have achieved CQL Accreditation can receive a 5% discount on organization-hosted training.

"As we continue to develop more robust programs and services, we are so happy to have the support of CQL’s training."

Jennifer Schindl, Community Support Services, Inc.

Benefits of Organization-Hosted Training

Spread Best Practices

Innovative approaches at agencies will drive holistic transformation to strengthen services, improve culture, and positively impact people’s lives.

Advance Knowledge

An investment in the expertise of support staff builds their capacity for providing exemplary supports and spreading that insight organization-wide.

Empower Employees

Agencies can show their appreciation for their employees, demonstrate value in their work, and support them to be more successful on the job.

Improve Lives

People receiving supports can be certain that their lives are the focus of organizations, and the services that they receive are of the highest quality.

Enhance Skillsets

Building the practical abilities of employees is essential for them to carry out the mission, vision, and values of the organizations where they work.

Distinguish Your Agency

When providing quality services, it’s imperative that organizations take action to equip its employees and set itself apart among other agencies.

Organization-Hosted Training Process

While not encompassing every single step of the organization-hosted training process, the information below provides an overview of what to expect.


Browse Options

View the numerous organization-hosted training options listed below.


Identify Training

Choose a training topic that meets your organization’s unique needs.


Complete Form

Fill out the Training Inquiry Form to move forward on your desired training.


Work With CQL

Collaborate with CQL to ensure your desired training meets your objectives.


Schedule Training

Determine a date and timeframe with CQL, that works best for your agency.


Educate Staff

Grow the knowledge and skills of your staff through impactful training.