With any experience, there are inherent risks involved. Whether you’re playing a sport, picking up a hobby, or broadening your social circle – you could fail, you could get hurt, you could be disappointed. In the disability services system, which can have risk-averse approaches and more ‘paternal-style’ practices, people with disabilities are often not supported to have new experiences due to the perceived risks involved.

During the training titled ‘Embracing The Dignity of Risk,’ attendees will discover how to help people to increase knowledge, have new experiences, and gain new skills, all while understanding the value that risk can often provide.

Training Overview

  • Presented either in-person or virtually
  • Customizable content/duration
  • Up to 40 participants

Participants will find out about the impact of informed choice and how that can influence decision-making. Attendees will also learn how the Three E’s (Education, Experience, and Exposure) can help drive supports. Strategies will be explored for considering and mitigating potential risks. By the end of this training, attendees will have specific takeaways to help shift not only mindsets, but also practices, from being hesitant and not sure how to support risk-taking to understanding the very real benefits of risk!

Training Objectives

  • Overview of the concept of ‘dignity of risk’
  • Benefits and value that risk provides to people
  • Connection of the Three E’s to risk
  • Role of informed choice and self-determination
  • Strategies to successfully support people to take risks

Training Duration & Pricing

CQL will work with you to customize the content, duration, and scheduling of this training to meet your unique needs. For planning purposes, versions of this training can be provided anywhere from 3 – 6 hours in length, virtually or in-person, on a single day or across multiple days, with costs ranging from $875 – $1,750.

If the training is being presented in-person, the organization is also responsible for travel and lodging costs. Organizations will be billed for these expenses in addition to the training cost. Prices are subject to change.

Please Note: Organizations that are pursuing or have achieved CQL Accreditation can take advantage of a 5% discount on the costs of CQL training.