“CQL helps us look at every facet of what we do through the criteria of their Basic Assurances® – making sure there is continuous improvement,” states Angela Pasyk, Senior Manager of Center for Enriched Living.

The Basic Assurances® is a tool to evaluate human services organizations’ operations involving the health, safety, and human security of people receiving services, as well as areas such as natural supports, social networks, employment, and more. Through 10 factors, 46 indicators, and hundreds of probes, the Basic Assurances® provides organizations with guidance for ensuring that systems translate into actual practices to positively impact the lives of people with disabilities.

In this training ‘Introduction to Basic Assurances®,’ attendees from your organization will experience an enlightening exploration of the Basic Assurances®.

Training Overview

  • Presented either in-person or virtually
  • Customizable content/duration
  • Up to 40 participants

Participants will receive a broad understanding of the Basic Assurances®, learning about how the tool is structured through the factors and indicators. They will also discover how indicators are assessed involving the evaluation of both systems and practices. Attendees of this workshop will explore how the Basic Assurances® is useful in quality management, analysis, and improvement efforts.

Training Objectives

  • Overview of the Basic Assurances®, including the 10 Factors and 46 Indicators
  • Role of Basic Assurances® in assessing organizational systems and practices
  • Benefits of Basic Assurances® for quality improvement efforts
  • Importance of action-planning with the Basic Assurances®
  • Relationship between Basic Assurances® and organizational transformation

Training Duration & Pricing

CQL will work with you to customize the content, duration, and scheduling of this training to meet your unique needs. For planning purposes, versions of this training can be provided anywhere from 3 – 6 hours in length, virtually or in-person, on a single day or across multiple days, with costs ranging from $875 – $1,750.

If the training is being presented in-person, the organization is also responsible for travel and lodging costs. Organizations will be billed for these expenses in addition to the training cost. Prices are subject to change.

Please Note: Organizations that are pursuing or have achieved CQL Accreditation can take advantage of a 5% discount on the costs of CQL training.