CQL’s Basic Assurances® look at the essential, fundamental, and non-negotiable requirements involving issues of health, safety, and security, along with social constructs such as respect, natural supports, and interpersonal networks, to ensure sustainable outcomes for people. This approach goes beyond compliance with licensing and certification standards, by exploring the provision of safeguards from the person’s perspective. The Basic Assurances®, comprised of 10 factors and 46 indicators, are evaluated on two dimensions – system and practice. Both system and practice must be in place for the overall indicator to be considered present.

  • 1-day training
  • Up to 40 participants
  • Overview of the Basic Assurances®

In the one-day training ‘Introduction to Basic Assurances®,’ participants will receive a broad understanding of the Basic Assurances®, learning about how the tool is structured through the factors and indicators. They will also discover how indicators are assessed involving the evaluation of both systems and practices. While attendees of this one-day workshop will not develop a specific action plan, they will find out how it is useful in quality management, analysis, and improvement efforts.

In This Training

  • Overview of the Basic Assurances®, including the 10 Factors and 46 Indicators
  • Approaches for assessing systems and practices
  • Importance of action-planning with the Basic Assurances®
  • Benefits of Basic Assurances® for quality improvement efforts


The cost to have this on-site training conducted at your organization is $1,750. The costs for travel and lodging are not included in this listed pricing, and organizations will be billed for these expenses in addition to the training cost. Prices are subject to change.

Please Note: Organizations that are pursuing or have achieved CQL Accreditation can take advantage of a 5% discount on the costs of CQL training.