There’s no doubt about it. Person-Centered Excellence Accreditation, With Distinction, is a significant undertaking for any organization. There are high expectations and difficult demands that require a strong focus on person-centered approaches. But, it’s also an exceptional achievement that can be reached with the right amount of preparation.

  • 2-day workshop
  • Shares an overview, experiences, and expectations of Person-Centered Excellence Accreditation, With Distinction
  • Designed for organizations about to undergo Person-Centered Excellence Accreditation, With Distinction

The ‘Person-Centered Excellence Accreditation, With Distinction, Preparation Workshop’ establishes the accreditation process for organizations, shares benchmarks that need to be reached for a successful review and looks ahead to the impact it will have on your leadership, staff, stakeholders, and most importantly, the people you support.

In This Training

  • Guidance through Basic Assurances® and Personal Outcome Measures®
  • Discussion about the essential policies and procedures for this process
  • Discovery of the data sets connected to Person-Centered Excellence Accreditation, With Distinction
  • Strategies to create an action plan for accreditation


The cost to have this on-site training conducted at your organization is $3,500. The costs for travel and lodging are not included in this listed pricing, and organizations will be billed for these expenses in addition to the training cost. Prices are subject to change.

Please Note: Organizations that are pursuing or have achieved CQL Accreditation can take advantage of a 5% discount on the costs of CQL training.